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Last updated: July 20th, 2012

Turnaround: 5-7 days upon approval of artwork.
Shipping within the US: 2-5 business days.
Contact me if you need faster turnarounds or use the convention pickup option to ensure your buttons will arrive on time.

When you open the .PSD file, you will see three groups: PRINT PREVIEW, NOTICE, and OUTLINE. You will also see a layer titled titled image here, where you should create your image. This layer is made to conform to the shape of the layer below it, titled button -- clipping mask. In the layers window (which opened by going to Window > Layers), there are eyeball icons on the left side that control the visibility of your layer. Clicking this will turn your layer on and off.

PRINT PREVIEW is a group of layers that allows you to preview what your button will look like AFTER it has been made. This allows you to center or position your image the way you want it to look. The machine will wrap the image around a thin, circular piece of metal and clamps it onto a pin back. Make sure the most important parts of your graphic (eyes, face, etc.) are within the PRINT PREVIEW circle. The rest of your image will not be seen on the front, but will still be visible around the edges (see photo). Please use this PRINT PREVIEW layer group only to PREVIEW what your button will look like when it is made. Otherwise, keep it turned off.

NOTICE is to remind you that your button image itself must be all the way up to this bleed line, otherwise there will be white edges showing on your button. This is important if you want your button to look full color all the way around. All background graphics, colors, and characters must be drawn all the way to this edge in order to maximize the appearance of your buttons. This is especially important if you have a lot of colors or if the button design looks very dark overall.

OUTLINE is an outline with a mark for the top of your button, to ensure your buttons are made in the proper orientation. Please save your images with this layer group ON.

Image on left; final button on right. Note the image gets wrapped around the button.

When you are done creating your images, place your order! After checkout, you will receive a confirmation email within 12 hours from Finni. Reply to this email (NOT the Storenvy confirmation email) by attaching .JPGs of your images with both PRINT PREVIEW and NOTICE layer groups turned off (in Photoshop, just click the little eye icon next to your layers) and keep the OUTLINE layer group ON.

Please also indicate how many of each button you would like made. For example, if you ordered 24 buttons:

Minimum four (4) buttons per image. If no quantities are specified, the order will be split evenly.

If you submit images that are only 1.25 diameter (or with your PRINT PREVIEW layer turned on and flattened), your buttons will be made with a surrounding white border. If you request additional formatting to create colored borders to achieve a full bleed look, you will be billed an additional $20 formatting fee.

For convention pickup ($1 service fee), please select the appropriate convention in the Shipping tab upon checkout. A list of conventions I will be attending can be found in the FAQ. All images must be submitted AT LEAST 3 days before the first day of the convention. If the con you are attending is not listed, that means one of the following:
I am not attending that convention
The amount of orders I can bring to that convention has already reached its maximum;
Or I am not taking orders yet for that convention.

TERMS OF SERVICE: These buttons are to be made from your own artwork ONLY and are intended for small-run Artist Alley sales. Please do NOT submit copyrighted logos, emblems, or recognizable symbols, vector-traced or otherwise. I reserve the right to refuse business from any client who can not provide evidence of the creation of the images submitted, if inquired. A full refund will be issued if the images are unacceptable for printing.

Thank you!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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